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Frequently Asked Questions


Why the name EAT Almonds?

EAT is an acronym for *Everyday, Any Time*. We, along with 175 peer reviewed publications on heart health, weight management, diabetes and blood sugar regulation, think almonds are a delicious, solid source of healthy energy everyday, any time!

I'm a retailer and would like to sell EAT Almonds' products. Do you offer wholesale?

Yes we do! Send us a message at wholesale@eatalmonds.com--we look forward to *crunching* the numbers with you!

What type of payments do you accept?

Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.


Where do you donate?

We work with foodbanks, boys & girls clubs, foundations and more all across the country! We invite you and your friends to join us at each donation drop. Have an idea where we should donate? Let us know at hello@eatalmonds.com!

Do you donate seasoned almonds?

We do not donate seasoned almonds, but rather natural almonds. Natural almonds allow our neighbors in need to create almond milk, butter, flour or just simply eat them...naturally--more options for more impact!

Shipping & Returns

Tell me about shipping.

You should be eating almonds on average within 3-6 business days of your order date!

Where do you ship?

Each of the lower 48 states! Sorry, Alaska and Hawaii, we're working on it!

What about returns and exchanges?

We are deeply committed to our amazing customers but do not currently offer returns/exchanges. So, if you have questions or concerns regarding a return/exchange, let us know at hello@eatalmonds.com and we will get to the bottom of it ASAP!

Never received your shipment?

If your shipment never arrived, let us know at hello@eatalmonds.com and we will get to the bottom of it ASAP!


Are there any GMO ingredients? Artificial ingredients?


Are EAT Almonds organic?

We are not organic, but we do use certain organic ingredients such as Organic Cane Sugar and Organic Smoked Sea Salts to lightly season your almonds.

Are EAT Almonds gluten free? Kosher? Vegan?

All EAT Almonds products are gluten free and kosher. Our Pink Himalayan Salt, Ghost Pepper & Lime, Sweet Chili and Garlic & Herbs products are vegan-friendly.

Are EAT Almonds manufactured in a peanut-free facility?

Absolutely--our products never come into contact with peanuts. They are manufactured in a facility that processes delicious almonds and other tree nuts.

Are EAT Almonds low sodium snacks?

Yes! Each of our seasoned almond products are classified per the FDA as low sodium products, meaning they contain less than 140mg of sodium per serving. We created these heart healthy snacks, well, to be healthy for your heart!

What is the shelf life for EAT Almonds' products?

All of our products are guaranteed fresh for at least 12 months.

Where are the almonds grown?

Right in our childhood backyard: California's Central Valley. That's a huge reason why we know a thing or three about this superfood-of-a-snack.

Why did you take the skin off the almonds?

We think skinless (or blanched) almonds have a superior *crunch* and texture compared to almonds with skin. The skin also doesn't get stuck in your gums, because, well, we took it off!

Tell me about the fats contained in a serving of almonds.

No problem. One serving of almonds contains approximately 13 grams of unsaturated fats and just 1 gram of saturated fats (U.S. Dietary Guidelines recommend the majority of your fat intake be unsaturated). And because your body actually needs fats for critical processes such as the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals, doctors recommend you EAT Almonds daily.

What is this I hear about almonds being a solid source of Vitamin E and magnesium?

It's true! One serving of EAT Almonds contains about 50% of your daily recommended intake of Vitamin E and approximately 20% of your daily recommended intake of magnesium. Both are vital for a healthy body and brain and are too often overlooked in folks' daily diets.

I see avocado oil in each product. Tell me more.

We source our avocado oil from 1 of only 2 manufacturers who produce pure, non-oxidized avocado oil per food science experts at the University of California, Davis. We think it adds a mild, fresh flavor and also helps our delicious seasonings stick to each almond.

I see different smoked sea salts in each product. Tell me more.

We source smoked sea salts from Seattle (say that five times fast). Our supplier heats different woods (e.g., Mesquite, Applewood, Alderwood, Hickory) with their sea salt which we think gives our products an added depth of flavor.