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Our Story

We are in business to feed people.

I actually come from a farming community where everyone operates on a handshake agreement. My dad’s been at it for 40 years and I’m proud of that. Still reading? It gets better, I promise. Blake Mycoskie, the founder of Toms was our speaker when I graduated college. He’s the brains behind the 1-for-1 model where if you buy a pair of shoes, Toms will donate another pair to someone who needs them. It blew my mind that you could balance profit with purpose and make a difference.

Too many people are hungry.

Being raised around so many acres used to grow food, it always infuriates me to see how many people go hungry in this country. I’m incensed even as I write this. Then when the pandemic hit and made things even worse, it became a cause I needed to champion.

Here's the interesting thing about almonds.

Food banks love them because they’re plant-based and storable. Their shelf life is up to 24 months and unlike other fruits and vegetables, they don’t bruise. They are high in protein, magnesium and vitamin E. They decrease your bad cholesterol and increase your good cholesterol. And you can season them in a variety of ways so they can be delicious to anyone. They’re a superfood. It’s an incredible product.

Join the Million Pound Mission.

So—If you buy a bag of our almonds, we’ll donate the same sized bag of almonds to a neighbor in need. If we achieve our goal of serving 1 million pounds a year – which is doable – we can feed 40,000 people 1 serving a day, every day, every year. That’s literally the homeless population in Los Angeles! I call that our Million Pound Mission. I want to use Blake Mycoskie’s 1-for-1 model − with food.

Meet the people behind the mission

Each EAT Almonds team member thrives when it's *crunch* time, just like you. And just like you, we realize even though one bag of almonds might not end hunger in the United States, it's a start. So thank you for starting with us on this Million Pound Mission--now we go!
Jared Lee
Marathoner. Former investment banker. Former Pepperdine University baseball player. Proud uncle. Friend. Hungry.
Favorite Flavor
Sweet Chili
Casey Sines
Athletic performance coach. Actor. Former Butler University volleyball player. Health enthusiast. Friend. Tenacious.
Favorite Flavor
Pink Himalayan Salt
Steven Rogers
Screenwriter (I, Tonya). Mentor. Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre board member. Dog dad. Friend. Authentic.
Favorite Flavor
Garlic & Herbs
Kevin Chen
Growth equity investor at Strand Equity. Harvard graduate. Passionate about all things consumer. Avid traveler. Amateur chef. Friend.
Favorite Flavor
Cinnamon & Honey
Jon Moscot
2021 Team Israel Olympian. Former Cincinnati Red. Former Pepperdine University baseball player. Father. Friend. Electric.
Favorite Flavor
Ghost Pepper & Lime